July Garden Bouquets

I thought the peony and lilac bouquets from last month were fragrant, but this burnet rose and honeysuckle combination from earlier in the month nearly blew our noses off. Felt like walking into a florists’ fridge when we came in the front door 🙂 Pity that the flowering season for these is so short — I will have to be more indulgent with my cutting next year!


A cheery entryway combo for Independence Day weekend: white oxeye daisy, blue dutch iris, and red Maltese Cross. Long-lasting, too!

Another entryway bouquet of mixed old-fashioned blooms collected during a morning stroll. Purple Loosestrife, yellow Dotted Loosetrife, light purple Creeping Bellflower, and red shrub rose ‘F.J. Grootendorst’.

Finally, the very first cluster from my newly-planted hybrid tea, ‘Piano‘. This is sitting in a crystal vase right above my computer monitor, because just seeing it makes me happy. Most of the roses we grew back in Cali were hybrid teas, so they are what I am most used to and I am delighted to have one here that can survive the climate.

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