Daphne, the furry weed whacker.


Every summer, the weeds start to overtake the paving stones that form a path down the side of our house between the outer wall and a row of hostas. Here, you see how far gone it has gotten as of last week, with still a couple of months worth of growing season to go.


Then it occurred to me that we have a very eco-friendly, low-effort/high-reward solution. Her name is Daphne. Not only do my angoras provide substantial wool harvests, they are also voracious lawnmowers. Over the course of last week, I advanced her down the path, starting from the front of the house. The hardest part was just getting the pen to fit the uneven ground and somewhat narrow area. As you can see here, it was nearly impossible to even see the stones before she got going on them.


Afterwards, I just swept away stray bunny droppings (straight onto the lawn, because they are fabulous fertilizer) and enjoyed the closely-cropped tidiness of it all 😀 Bunny tractors. Cute, fuzzy, and practical!


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