Tribbles in Love


As many of you know, I keep angora rabbits. I also have a couple of teddy dwarves, a breed that seems to be mostly confined to Northern Europe, as far as I can tell. They seem to be mostly derived from particularly wooly doublemaned lionheads, but I’m pretty sure there’s something else in there. Anyway, they are recognized in some countries as a legitimate type and we have a couple. Snickers is our harlequin colored male and Lily is our fawnish colored female. While they do fall under the category of long-haired wool animal, they are so tiny that they really don’t produce anything significant towards my total wool harvest. They are mostly kept for fun, because they are ridiculously cute, friendly, and look like tribbles.

Last week, Lily and Snickers had an epic romantic getaway and we are hoping that there will be mini tribbles resulting from it in another few weeks. These are pictures of them hanging out together, because I haven’t posted any in a while and the internet loves fuzzy things. Please note that Lily looks a bit patchy because she had just shed a good portion of her winter coat — like most long-haired animals, they can look very goofy when in between coats. Half of our bunnies are still not allowed outside at night because they are mostly covered in peach fuzz after dropping their winter wool.

There is also a picture of the bunnies with a visitor, the neighbor’s cat! He comes to hang out with them both at the barn and in their outdoor runs on a fairly regular basis, and seems to regard them as odd-looking friends. All the bunnies are completely unfazed by him and will keep grazing while he chills in a corner.

Stay tuned to see if third time’s the charm and we can share pictures of baby bunnies in the near future!

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