Baja Shrimp Burritos (and How to Fold a Non-Spilling Burrito)


Last week, I posted a Spanish rice recipe — these burritos happen to be the main dish I use it for. Back in Cali, one of my favorite “fast food” places was Rubio’s, a West coast chain that specializes in fish tacos and the like. Their langostino and shrimp burritos were a staple of my university days and something I still have to get every time I get the chance. What I show below is the closest I’ve come to making an acceptable substitute while halfway across the world in a country not exactly known for its wealth of Mexican ingredients. It’s not quite the same, but it’ll calm the craving when it hits.


First, I make up a batch of Spanish rice for the filling. While that is cooking, I saute some whole peeled tiger shrimp with mixed bell peppers, salt and pepper. I don’t really bother with too much additional seasoning because the rice is pretty well-seasoned as it is.


Please note this bottle of chipotle mayonnaise I found at our local supermarket in the Mexican section. That’s the key ingredient, right there. While there are other ways to go about replicating the chipotle cream sauce used in the original burritos, they all require the use of real chipotle peppers, which are not exactly plentiful in Finland. In fact, this is one of the few chipotle-flavored items I’ve been able to find at all. Imported from Mexico, no less. Lucky for me, it’s a pretty good approximation of the sauce.

Place a couple spoonfuls of rice in the middle of a toasted tortilla. Enough to give it some bulk, but not to the point of being overstuffed. Generously apply a layer of chipotle mayonnaise over the rice. Place a liberal serving of shrimp over the rice, so there’s some in every bite.

Place either shredded cheese or a couple of slices of your favorite mild light cheese over the pile. Microwave for a bit to melt everything together.

Fold one side upwards over the filling. Position it as shown, because it will make subsequent rolling easier. Note the extra crimps I add to the corners to make sure that filling and juice do not spill as easily.

Bring the sides inward, covering the crimps. Finally, take a hold of the bottom and give it a quick flip and roll the rest of the way up. The burrito will end up fold-down. Leave it this way for a minute or so to help set the shape.


Enjoy your Baja shrimp burrito! (Hopefully, not with the fork and knife — I just sliced this one open so you could see how everything got mixed together.)


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