May bouquets and this whole mom thing.

Earlier this week, I opened the front door to find a bundle of dandelions on our doorstep, an offering from the two adorable preschool-aged boys that I invited to set up a kids’ allotment garden in our veggie patch. The next day, the little girl next door perkily handed me a bunch of wildflowers when she came over to visit with her mother. These two little posies now have their place right alongside my bunch of Mothers’ Day roses (from the hubby, who is still a kid at heart anyway), making me smile every time I see them. They are simple, but so ridiculously sweet that I had to share. If this is what being a mom has in store, I could really get used to this sort of thing. So props to my friends for raising such thoughtful kids — and looking forward to the day that my own little boy will be traipsing through the mud picking spring blooms 🙂

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  1. I can’t wait until Baby J brings me my first backyard “bouquet!”

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