A Year of Blob… with bonus tractor ridin’ action!


Our little dude turned 1 this weekend. 1 year! It mostly passed in a sleep-deprived haze, but we’re still very pleased to watch him turning into his own little person. So many infant things to pack away, even as our living room is rapidly filling up with clunky, loud toddler things. Well, let’s save the sentimental stuff for later — today, I mostly wanted to share this video of Blob playing with his favorite birthday toy, a riding tractor! His father apparently had a similar one when he was the same age, so insisted on getting it. I was rather doubtful since he can’t actually reach the pedals yet, but he does love being pushed around on it. It’s staying at the in-laws’ house, which has more open floor space and plenty of volunteer drivers. And less nervous cats. 😉


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