Chocolate Cake Oatmeal!

Most days, I try to put a bit of thought into what goes on the table. Sometimes, however, it’s all I can do to shove some oatmeal and water into the microwave whilst shoveling food into Blob’s mouth. On top of having one of those mornings recently, I was also in a very indecisive mood. We had some cake in the fridge, you see, but it was 7AM and I am starting to find that my sweet tooth isn’t what it once was. Still, the chocolate cake we had made days before was calling to me. Saying, “I’m chocolate! And I’m cake!” So I went with my default of “why choose”? Hey, it worked out great with ice cream tea.

One large spoonful of cake went straight into my morning oatmeal, and I was one very happy camper. It’s a good thing we only have cake around once in a blue moon, or this could become a dangerously regular thing. Dangerous because you can almost fool yourself into thinking “Hey, it’s mostly oatmeal. That’s healthy, right?” Doubly dangerous because it tones down the sweetness of the cake enough that I can have it at completely inappropriate times.

Perhaps this is a sign that I need to look into recipes for chocolate oatmeal cookies or cakes? Very possible!

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