Crafty Update

It has been three years since I posted my last craft update, much to my dismay. Disappointing especially since I had all these plans for doing baby stuff, only to have time run out on me. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, with the little person finally letting me get more things done around the house so that I can consider having a bit of personal time again.

A cute pink lace tam that first appeared in the show “Once Upon a Time”. Pattern reverse-engineered by a dedicated knitter fan. Done in a squishy soft alpaca yarn for a co-worker who was leaving the country. I’m discovering a deep fondness for lacework.

A second pink lace tam, for myself, because I ended up liking this hat so much that I was sad to have to give it away 🙂 I ran out of the particular color of yarn I needed at the end, however, so had to substitute with a slightly lighter color and ended up with a little starburst of softer pink at the very top.


A gray alpaca cabled scarf. My first attempt at cabling, made for the hubby because he continues to suffer from a shortage of scarves that are presentable outside of sporting events. Alpaca is my go-to fiber for neck accessories since both of us have itch issues with most other yarns. I try to make him one every year, but have fallen a bit behind in recent years. Scarves are easy and fast, though, so that’s at least one thing on my side.


Speaking of fast and easy scarves, I must have made a dozen of these ruffle lace scarves the Christmas before Blob was born, because they were cute, pretty and could be knit from one skein of yarn each. I used a soft acrylic blend with a mohair-like halo which really complemented the lace. They were rapidly gifted to several friends and classmates. I also made myself a larger version, which matches the lace tam rather well!

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