Forest Fruit Baby Smoothie


I’m pretty sure this was my very first baby smoothie, made back in February. I had actually intended to make it for myself and share it with the baby, but he ended up liking them so much that I had to keep it up after we started. Now he looks indignant if he doesn’t get offered a pouch with his morning porridge. At least he’ll fit right in when we go back to California this autumn 🙂

The forest fruits involved are homegrown raspberries (the last of them from the 2014 harvest) and some frozen store-bought Finnish bilberries (since they have been rather scarce down here the past few seasons, owing to spotty rainfall).

Ripe bananas (I wait until they have those lovely sugar spots, but before they are so soft they’re only good for banana bread) and the obligatory Greek yogurt (since we both need the protein/dairy boost).


Ready to go, except for…

As we learned from the past several storebought reviews, nothing brightens up a baby smoothie like the addition of a bit of applesauce. The bananas will keep things creamy but the apples add the substance.


I helped myself to a large cup of this for breakfast, then baby got the rest. Since this was my first go, I didn’t even have pouches to put this in at the time. They were just frozen in my silicone baby food molds and I would defrost some in a bowl as was needed. While the pouches are easier to deal with, I still do make up several cubes with those molds, so I can have fruit on hand to toss into cereals and the like.


Speaking of which, this is what happens after I add in a bit of baby cereal to further thicken things up. It becomes a lovely berry porridge which is much tastier than the off-the-shelf stuff. And fresher, too!

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