White Leek and Pear Soup


Another recipe from Karen LeBillon’s “French Kids Eat Everything” book, which I had to try because I absolutely love leeks. Wasn’t as sold on adding fruit to it, but figured the baby would certainly enjoy it. He’s got a big thing for fruit and veggie combos, probably because of the sweet factor. This is the Baby’s Vichyssoise (White Leek Soup) recipe, as excerpted by Bon Appetit magazine. Please refer there for recipe and method. The two first veggie soups happen to be the only things that are suitable for feeding a baby under 1 year, so I probably won’t get around to cracking that book open again (figuratively — I use a Kindle) until Blob is able to use table utensils. It boggles the mind to imagine such a day will come.


Two medium leeks, a ripe medium pear, and small potatoes. I only used one potato, per the recipe, but decided to use a bit more leek because that’s where my personal preference lies. I suspect that they would grow very well in a Finnish garden, so will have to give it a try this year.


Simmering the leek and potato until tender. I included a bit of the light green as well as all the white portions of the leeks, since we have introduced much stronger things than leek to Blob already.


Adding the pear for the last couple minutes of cooking. This pear was so ripe and juicy that I didn’t see the point of adding honey or maple syrup as mentioned in the recipe. To my taste, it didn’t seem necessary at all. No salt, either.


Blending the cooked ingredients into a smooth puree. I didn’t bother with draining the cooking water because I had used slightly less water than the recipe called for and didn’t mind if it ended up being a bit thinner in consistency. Which it actually didn’t, as far as I can tell.


Finished soup. It ended up being a very pretty chartreuse color, which was perfect for early spring.


Blob and I happily ate this for lunch without the hubby, who doesn’t like leek. Baby was very amenable to the combo! I added some shredded chicken on top of his for a bit of protein. Mine was topped with goat’s cheese — I figured that it goes well with pear and leek separately, so why not together? To be honest, though, there probably isn’t much that I wouldn’t like better topped with goat’s cheese. Verdict on the soup? I’ll definitely be making it again, though maybe with a bit more leek. The flavor came through just fine in this version, and the pear wasn’t overwhelming, but I’d just like the veggie to stand out a bit more next time. This version was very well received by the baby, though, so that might be reason enough to stick with it until he’s a bit older. I think he figured out that I was willing to clean his bowl if he didn’t, so did his best to keep that from happening 🙂

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