Ella’s Kitchen Banana-Blueberry, Pear-Apple, Peach-Pear, and Banana-Apricot Baby Rice Pouches

A couple weeks after we started with the Valio gruels, I went browsing the shelves for other brands and flavors that looked interesting. Blob was so enthusiastic about his new non-milk breakfasts that I wanted to get in as much variety as possible while the getting was good. They also came in those handy little sippy pouches which both babies and moms seemed to like so much better than jars. So I brought home a sampler and we started going through them 🙂 These 4 month+ fruit and baby rice pouches were the perfect consistency for our beginner breakfasts, providing a stepping stone between gruels and thicker porridges.


Bananas, blueberries and baby rice. 82% banana, 15% blueberry, 3% brown rice, concentrated lemon juice. One of the most useful things I learned from these pouches is just how much banana and apple goes into them. Probably one of the reasons they are so popular with the babies. This info came in very useful when I started formulating my own versions.


Judging by the color, I’m guessing these are actual blueberries and not Finnish bilberries, which would have made a much more brilliant purple. The consistency was as super smooth as advertised, and nicely creamy as well.


He didn’t get the hang of sucking from a pouch until months later, so I had to squeeze the stuff out into a bowl and feed him with a spoon. This is his approving face.


Pears, apples and baby rice. 48.5% pear, 48.5% apple, 3% brown rice.


The texture of these were really silky — impressive considering that they didn’t use any additional starches like the other purees we tried did. I didn’t bother adding any more food-smeared pictures because Blob pretty much loved all of these and easily finished off a pouch at every meal.


Peaches, pears and baby rice. 59% pear, 38% peach, 3% brown rice, concentrated lemon juice. Being extremely fond of peaches myself, I was happy to offer this one up. Haven’t seem much in the way of fresh ones lately so will have to wait a bit before incorporating them into my own concoctions.


This looked a lot less processed than the peach puree we had previously given, though they were both tasty.


Bananas, apricots and baby rice. 74% banana, 23% apricot, and 3% brown rice. Not as overwhelmingly banana as the first one, but still a pretty high percentage. Given how cheap bananas are, it seemed silly not to try making my own version. Which I will get to later 🙂


If I remember right, I was barely able to taste the apricot in this one. Not that Blob minded, since he is a huge banana fiend.

So overall opinion? These were extremely useful to have around for breakfast back when we were first starting solids and didn’t have much time to spend mixing, defrosting and pureeing on a constant basis. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, especially during day trips and traveling. They (and the baby brekkie line I will mention later) are great for providing something a little more balanced and filling than the ever-popular pure fruit smoothie pouches. Now that I have more time and energy to make my own baby food, though, they mostly serve as inspiration and template.

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