Dwarf citrus in my kitchen!

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So here’s something that I’m super excited about — this past week, I got my hands on not just one, but TWO, dwarf citrus plants that I have been trying to procure for years. The left is a Meyer lemon and the right is a Nagami kumquat, both already bearing fruit. The lemon has three fruits that are still several months away from ripening and is starting to flower again, while the kumquat had two ready-to-eat fruits and one that is still green. I managed to keep one kumquat on the branch for the picture, but it will probably end up on my breakfast plate in the next few days šŸ™‚ They are tiny little things, but I’m hoping they will grow to a decent size indoors with a bit of pampering.

My previous indoor citrus plants (twoĀ calamondins, may they rest in peace) did rather well — that is, until all my time and energy were sucked into the black hole of newborn baby care. Now that I can afford a bit more time for taking care of things other than the tiny person, I was quick to snap these up when I saw them at the grocery store. Any varieties other than calamondin seem to appear very sporadically and at random in the spring, so after several failed attempts to source them locally, I had just about given up and was looking into ordering them online for shipment from another European country. Which comes with a whole host of difficulties, so I was thrilled when I saw these. They were repotted within a couple days to larger containers with ample drainage and humidity and now seem to be very happy on my sunniest windowsill. I look forward to taking them outside for some quality sunbathing once the temperatures rise a bit higher.

Citrus! šŸ˜€ Having them around just makes me feel so much more at home, somehow. Back at my childhood house in SoCal, we had a backyard lined with citrus and other fruit trees. Ambitious as it might seem in this climate, I would really like a miniaturized version of that for my Finnish home. Now, if only I could get a key lime and maybe a tiny orange tree…


  1. Citrus! Oh, citrus. I have a Meyer lemon I snagged from Stockmann’s Hullut pƤivƤt two years ago. Poor thing was neglected last summer and didn’t bear any fruit, but I’ve had one lemon from flower to ripe beauty the year before. This spring I bought a normal lemon of unknown variety, and if I was less poor, I’d buy a kumquat. If there is a Bauhaus anywhere near you, you might want to check it out: ours has lemons and calamondins and kumquats at the moment, for I think 40 euros, but they are largish, about 1m tall.
    I still need a lime in my life, we’ll see if Amazon will deliver my order or let me know I was never supposed to be able to order it to begin with..
    We’ve also drooled at the selection at http://www.hodnik.com/catalog/default.php, but I’ve read mixed reviews of the plants they deliver..

  2. Yes, I remember my grandmother’s backyard in SoCal – avocados, oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, all available for free by just stepping into the backyard. At the time I had no idea how good we had it!

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