Valio Onni Blueberry-Oat and Banana-Lingonberry Yogurt Snacks


Here’s something different from the long list of porridges and gruels I’ve been presenting – yogurt and fruit snacks! These were actually what gave me the idea of adding yogurt into my own baby smoothies — Blob developed a huge fondness for these particular blends but there were only two flavors available from this line, so we improvised.


Blueberry-oat yogurt snack. Ingredients listed: grape juice, organic yogurt (23%), fresh milk whey, blueberry (8%), rice starch, wholegrain oat flakes (1%), rapeseed and sunflower oils, calcium, vitamin C. What I am translating as “blueberry”, by the way, is most likely bilberry since blueberries as we define them back in the States are not so common here in Finland. However, since they use the same word for both fruits here and they are rather interchangeable (though distinct in many ways) in recipes, I’m just going with “blueberry” for the sake of convenience.


As you can see from the deep purple color, this is definitely bilberry rather than the less vivid blueberry. I mixed this stuff with some plain rice velli to make it a bit creamier. Despite being a quarter yogurt, it seemed more like a thick puree to me and I am keen on there being plenty of dairy and cereal content in his morning meal.


Did I mention he really likes blueberries? 🙂 They do stain terribly, but that’s what washing machines are for.


Banana-lingonberry yogurt snack. Ingredients listed: apple juice, organic yogurt (23%), fresh milk whey, organic banana (11%), rice starch, lingonberry (4%), rapeseed and sunflower oils, calcium, vitamin C.


A little creamier than the blueberry one, but that’s probably due to all the banana. Once again, I added some velli to give a bit more balance to the meal.


He seemed fonder of the blueberry than the lingonberry one, which surprised me since he can be such a banana fiend.



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