Spinach Zucchini Soup


Taking a break from reviewing storebought foods today to share a fast and tasty pureed spinach soup I found last week! This was excerpted from Karen LeBillon’s “French Kids Eat Everything” book, which I have only scanned but do plan on reading thoroughly one of these days. You can never have too many tips on healthy eating habits, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also curious to learn how Europeans encourage adventurous eaters, since I’m sure it’s completely different from the way my mom went about it. Same results, different paths — I’m hoping there are gentler options than what I grew up with 😉


A medium zucchini and one 150g bag of frozen spinach. There wasn’t much in the way of fresh spinach in the stores and I had this on hand, so there ya go. Please refer to Splendid Table’s post for the actual recipe and method.


Cooking the zucchini. Which I was never that fond of, though I ate it obediently enough while growing up. Probably because it was a bit on the bland and sweet side, while my vegetable preferences tended to run to stronger tastes. Yeah, I was the weird kid that picked broccoli and spinach over carrots and corn. Don’t laugh.


Adding frozen spinach earlier in the cooking process because they need to melt before the zucchini is all the way transparent.


Adding probably triple the butter mentioned, because the baby really needs the extra fats.


Yet another guest appearance of the immersion blender. Best kitchen investment ever.


“It’s GREEN, mom!” One of the most exciting things about this recipe? We were able to sit down as a family and all have a bowl of the same dish together 🙂 That was a first and I’m eager to try it again — the hubby isn’t the biggest fan of either vegetables or soups, so the fact that he finished his bowl (and later commented that it was rather pleasant) was pretty awesome. The baby, despite the concerned look on his face above, also ate through a sizable portion quite fearlessly. He always eats larger amounts when the dish is fresh and we are eating with him, which just goes to show what a sensible head he has on those little shoulders.


As noted in the excerpt, this does freeze and reheat very well. The above is actually soup that was reheated the next day, because I had frozen all but one portion and ended up having to dip into the freezer stash when the hubby surprised us by joining in at lunch. It does separate a little, but looked exactly the same as it did on the stovetop after a quick stir. I topped ours with a couple slices of goat cheese and didn’t really need any other seasoning. To my taste, this could have used more spinach — it was so mild that I could hardly tell it was there! I might even double the amount in my next batch, or add in some of the other leafy greens that I harvested and froze back in the day. I might be slightly enthusiastic in wanting to share my love of spinach with everybody 😉

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