Blueberry Pea Baby Smoothie

So yes, peas. I’ve been getting more adventurous with my smoothie combinations and wanted to do some spring cleaning with my freezer stash. The baby has mostly graduated from purees, so I figured this was a good way to use them all up. A bit of balancing is still required, of course, since the resulting combination has to be sweet enough to still be attractive for tiny taste buds. To be on the safe side, I went with one the stronger tasting fruits available, and it ended up working quite well.


400 grams of frozen Finnish bilberries. They are like blueberries, only more intense and packed with all kinds of nutritional bonuses. They also have a bright purple juice that completely hides any other ingredient, which is especially nice if said other ingredients are bright green.


34 oz. of homemade apple puree from our own harvest, which had escaped my notice hiding in the basement chest freezer. Apples are my base of choice when adding non-conventional flavors, since they mellow and sweeten without really being recognizable. It also helps that we have a very large supply of them. I find that as long as apple or banana make it into a smoothie, the baby will take just about anything else that comes with it.


24 oz. of pea puree. I didn’t go through these as fast as some of the other vegetables because there were only a few other purees that they mixed well with when I was making dinners. Which was unfortunate, since I adore peas and want him to as well. They are a bit sweet on their own, so actually work well in this context. I would have probably used less under different circumstances, since the pea taste did end up overwhelming this particular batch, but it turned out that he didn’t mind at all. That’s the lovely thing about having no preconceptions as to what something should taste like.


Everything defrosted overnight, so I’m not upsetting the flavors with too much heating and refreezing.


Blended until smooth and a bit frothy. See what I mean about that lovely berry color?


The standard tub of Greek yogurt being blended in.


Just the right consistency for sippy pouches. I usually don’t have to tweak consistency much, but if a batch comes out too watery for some reason, I will add a few spoonfuls of baby cereal and keep mixing until it’s thickened to where I need it to be. For thinning out a thicker batch, I use some of my homemade unsweetened apple or grape juice, like we did back at the smoothie shop.


Yield of 5 4.5 oz. pouches, 7 7 oz. pouches, 14 2 oz. portions in the silicone molds, and 2 oz. more in an Avent storage cup, totaling 101.5 oz. As I said, the pea flavor was still rather strong, but that didn’t seem to bother the intended consumer, so I’m not bothered either. He’s eaten enough store-bought fruit/veggie combo pouches that I’ve come to see it as a viable way to get more of both into his diet when he’s not in the mood to be spoon-fed. I’ve heard good things about doing the same with spinach, so that’s something I’m seriously considering the next time I try this.



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