Pumpkin Nectarine Baby Smoothie

In my last post, I mentioned that I had strayed from making pure fruit smoothies for the wee one, so here is one of those examples. Although strictly speaking, a pumpkin is a fruit. Also by the same logic, tofu is made from soy beans, which are also technically a fruit. Not that the baby cares — he’s just all, “Orange goop, yay!” We also gave a couple pouches of this concoction to his little baby bestie, who seemed equally happy to slurp it down with hardly a pause for breathing. With plenty of fruity sweetness and a punch of protein, what’s not to like? What is in orange goop? The following:


2 cups of pumpkin puree from my last batch this past autumn. I had meant to save it for pumpkin pie or bread, but these smoothies have been so popular that I wanted to take advantage of the chance to feed the baby as much saved up fruits and vegetables as possible. Like I’d have time to make baked goods these days anyway.


One box of tofu. I used up the one that I had originally diced for finger foods. Silken would have been my first preference, to keep the texture creamy, but it’s hard to find anything but firm here in Finland. Still, the blender does the job of getting it to a fairly decent drinking consistency.


Four large nectarines. Remember to wash nectarines thoroughly before peeling, since they are high up on the list of fruits that might have pesticides on them.


4 large ripe bananas, to help up the natural sweetness of the mixture.


Blend, then add a tub of Greek yogurt for extra nom.


It almost looks like pumpkin pudding. Taste-wise, the nectarine is the most prominent flavor, followed by equal parts banana and tofu. Milder tofu would probably not have been so pronounced, but neither of the babies that have had this seemed to find it objectionable. Better that they get used to the taste now, actually, given how much it’s used in Asian cooking. The pumpkin serves as a mellow base, much like applesauce does in most of my other smoothies.


Yield was decent – 4 7 oz. pouches, 3 4.5 oz. pouches, and 14 2 oz. portions in the silicone trays for a total of 69.5 oz. of pumpkiny goodness.

You know what else is technically a fruit? Peas. Yep, I totally went there. Pictures in the next installment 🙂

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