A Bowl Full of Mush: Creamed Pear


This is what most mornings at Casa Kerfuffle look like at the moment. Our little guy has been eating solids for a couple of months now and taken to them very enthusiastically. Here he demonstrates the typical baby bird look he has the moment he sees me getting out a bowl. This is rapidly followed by a shark attack lunge and death latch the minute the spoon is within reaching distance. In fact, if I’m not shoveling fast enough, I will often get very vocal protestations. Yep, this kid loves his food. Then again, it probably shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, given our household.

So, in honor of the newest (high)seat at our dining table, I present a new kitchen column: A Bowl Full of Mush. Yeah, we might read Goodnight Moon on a regular basis here, how did you guess? 😉


I’m kicking this off with one of the first things I made for the baby this autumn – pear purée. Since we started solids right around harvest time, it was very convenient to process our freshly picked fruit directly into baby food and freeze it for later use. We have two young pear trees that usually give us a healthy bucket or two of tiny but very sweet pears. This year we only had one bucketful, since the other tree got frost-damaged last winter and was mostly just trying to regrow some branches.

After washing and cutting up the pears, all the edible bits (skin on) got tossed in the steam juicer for a quick cookdown. Then the juice was recombined and everything was puréed with my hand blender. It still turned out much grainier than I expected, but that’s just the nature of the fruit. I freeze in 60ml (about 2 oz. or 4 tablespoons) cubes, which is a pretty good serving size for us.


This happened to be my last portion of homegrown pear — the whole batch got eaten pretty fast since we almost always do fruit and cereal in the mornings. 1 – frozen block of pear waiting to defrost. 2 – mushy pear after defrosting overnight. 3 – 2 teaspoons of baby rice cereal added. 4 – 30ml baby formula added. Zap in the microwave until it’s hot, stir well and let cool to eating temperature.


Um, I’ll work on making these pictures look more appetizing. But the baby loves this stuff, I swear! The rice gives the pear a smoother consistency and the pear gives boring ol’ rice cereal some texture and flavor. Plus, pear is really good for constipation, which is always something we keep an eye out for hereabouts.

Sadly, I will have to buy a bag of pears from the market this weekend to make more of this, since we have no more from our own trees. At least this means I won’t feel guilty about eating some of them myself!

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