Mystery Meat: False Advertising is False


Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a mystery meat, huh? How about this one? 😉 What is it, you ask?


I bought this from Lidl during the summer, because I was on a pulled pork kick. Didn’t realize I missed it until I had a sandwich at a restaurant, then suddenly I was obsessed with getting it at the supermarket. After a few nice versions at our main supermarket, we picked up this one from our favorite German chain only to find that instead of the lovely picture advertised on the front, this was what was inside the box:


That is not to say that it wasn’t a very decent-tasting piece of pork, because it kind of was. But I think they missed the fundamental definition of “pulled pork” here, which was sort of puzzling. I mean, the reason I get pulled pork is because I want something ready-to-eat that I can just toss in a sandwich. Instead, I ended up sitting there shredding this giant hunk of meat and mixing it with sauce before heating it. Problems, we has them.

So in the spirit of generosity, I have done Lidl the favor of editing their box for clarification.

unpull pork

You’re welcome, guys. <3

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