Interview With the Sauce Vampire

Coco, our younger cat, is affectionately referred to hereabouts as the sauce vampire. It happens almost every time the wet food gets set out in the mornings. She comes racing up to the bowl and then proceeds to suck down every little drop of sauce or gel that she can reach. Then she saunters off disinterestedly, leaving the solid bits to dry out or meet whatever other fate waits for drool-covered leftovers.

…which is usually when Misu comes strolling by and notices “hey, food!” I am pretty sure she has no idea that the stuff usually comes out of the package drenched with sauce, since she so rarely sees it. The few times she has, which I can count on one hand over the past several years, she’s had this shocked look of “wow, did you guys know this stuff comes with some sort of wet topping?!” Luckily, she’s more of a dry food aficionada, so doesn’t have any objections as long as it’s edible.

Recently, I’ve seen advertisements for special lines of cat foods for “sauce lovers”, which just amuses me to no end as I imagine how that would play out with our pair. Since they like eating from the same bowl, I guess it’s a good thing that their tastes vary so widely — they’ve never been particularly defensive over their food and are both happy to take leisurely turns. Our biggest concern these days is what will happen when the baby can crawl and starts trying to join them at the dinner bowl. Given that Misu is a bit challenged when it comes to jumping, putting the bowls up higher is not an option. Guess we’ll find out whether the baby prefers his cat food with or without sauce 😛

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