Accidental asparagus.

Okay, so I might have been lying in my last post when I said I hadn’t harvested anything else this year. Looking through my camera downloads, it seems that I also managed to grab 300g of feral asparagus for the freezer on the first of June. Considering that most of June and July are a sleep-deprived blur, it’s no wonder that I totally do not recall doing this. I’m lucky I didn’t harvest something horrible poisonous instead, I was such a walking zombie. At least I’m consistent about photographing everything to make up for my appalling lack of memory.

We have this tiny patch of feral asparagus (as opposed to true wild asparagus) that the previous owner planted a while back, which is now hidden in the middle of a ring of decorative trees. It doesn’t get much sun and hasn’t been cultivated in any way since we’ve arrived, hence the feral label. Also, it tends to grow in crazy and unexpected configurations (there was one huge conjoined stalk the previous year) because I don’t do anything to it and only manage to grab a few stalks at a time whenever they are visible and within reach.

Apparently, I got a handful of these stalks during what must have been one of my first walks around the property after getting home from the hospital. They hadn’t unfurled any fronds yet, but were definitely starting to branch. Still edible, though, so they got chopped and frozen for later use. Maybe there will be a quiche with their name on it this winter? I keep on saying that I will start a proper asparagus patch in the vegetable garden one of these days. Yet another item to add to the checklist for next year!

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