Lame harvest is better than no harvest.


200g of gooseberries — not exactly a bumper crop, but still a step in the right direction

So yeah, the garden thing? Didn’t so much happen this spring/summer, due to our new foofy-haired addition to the family. We have a lot of fruit bushes and trees, however, and the long, warm summer means lots to harvest now. I’d been fretting over the logistics of doing this with baby in tow and didn’t feel up to it until this morning. Not that I had any special breakthrough — it just seems that sometimes the best time to try something new is when you’re just too fed up to care about the details.

Now, we have been having a few issues with getting the Tiny Human onto a reasonable napping and eating routine. Although he’s improved since the first couple of months, he’s still a bit random at times and I’ve been working towards a more even spacing between his meals to avoid the annoying snacking that he seems prone to otherwise. We got up at 7AM and he had his breakfast bottle, then we hung out for a while doing this or that. By 8AM, I was running out of this *and* that and he was looking drowsy, but I was determined to keep him up for another half hour to break the vicious cycle of crappy naps that he’d also fallen into. Channeling my (or maybe his) inner Finn, I decided that some brisk morning air might do the trick and quickly strapped him into the carrier. I also took the berry bucket, figuring that I might as well multi-task and get some garden work done.

So there we were, out in the garden at the crack of… erm… 8… picking gooseberries covered in dew while the neighbor’s roosters crowed in the background. It was all very rural and picturesque. And wonder of wonders, he stayed awake and entertained the entire time. I finished off several bushes (they didn’t produce an awful lot this year, so some pruning is probably in order next year) and felt very accomplished. Am now thinking this is going to be an ongoing thing, since there is an entire yard full of black and redcurrant bushes which could use a bit of attention. Is there jelly and juice to be had in the near future after all? One can only hope!

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