He’s a calico.


Not really a post, just a blurb with photos. Because The Monkey (aka The Blob, Megasuck, and various other names that are not his officially registered name. I will get around to explaining them at some point.) has two differently colored eyebrows. His right one is blond and his left one is brunet, little weirdo. I noticed it when he was a couple days old, but it was hard to really get a picture without the right lighting because the lighter one is really light. They happen to be the same colors as our calico, Coco.

Yeah, I totally just compared our infant son to our cat. My parents are probably mortified. 😀 What, they both can make the most amazing cacophony of high-pitched wails when they want to be fed, right? Seems fair enough to me.


Vexed. Very very vexed.

Yeah, I know that the colors don’t settle down for a few years. I’m still betting on brown and brown, in the end, but who knows?

And on that note, back into the black hole of time that is the first month with a newborn…

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