Lush Full of Grace Facial Serum


This funny-looking thing is a facial serum, Lush’s Full of Grace. It is probably the most un-serumy serum I’ve ever tried, and actually the first one that I’ve gone to the bother of purchasing on my own. It was probably the unorthodox presentation that led me to buy it in the first place, since I tend to have magpie tendencies for cosmetics in odd formats. The ingredients list sounded interesting, too – murumuru and cupuacu butters (like palm and cocoa butter, but not), calamine, rose petal infusion, almond oil, rose oil and portabello mushrooms. Mushrooms, really? They say it has skin-protecting vitamins and minerals — maybe that’s a good reason for people to eat them, but I can’t say I ever thought of putting them in makeup before. Still not sure if they actually do anything or if it is just a gimmick, but the rest of the ingredients definitely work.

I generally like Lush’s facial care products because they usually (there’s a few exceptions) don’t bother my overly sensitive skin. Not sensitive in the I-break-out-in-acne-a-day-later sort of way, but sensitive in the OMG-swelling-hives-on-my-face-where-is-the-prednisone way. My mom’s the same, so thanks, genetics. As I mentioned in a previous post about facial moisturizers, this tendency has led to my warily making my way through entire aisles of products and coming away with only a handful of items that are actually compatible. I’ve had good luck with a few of Lush’s facial moisturizers, so thought I’d give the serum a chance as well. The description mentions that this serum contains chamomile and calamine for calming easily aggravated skin, and I have noticed that my complexion is less red and blotchy (it still gets that way from winter weather at times, even with assiduous moisturizing) on the days I go to sleep with this stuff on.

So yes, calming and soothing, check. Moisturizing? Yeah, I’d say so. In fact, to the point where it’s a bit on the greasy side, which is not something I’ve experienced with the serum genre before. Probably because of those fancy-named butters. It’s not the type of greasiness that translates to breakouts, though, so that’s okay. It does mean that you have to wait a while between application and moisturizing and/or makeup, if you go that route, though. I usually only use this at night or when I’m going to be schlepping around the house with a bare face, so it’s a non-issue. The smell is nice, sort of rosey and earthy and warm, but not in an overly flowery sort of way. It’s a scent that works well when you use it before going to sleep.

I guess that leaves us with commentary on the format. I keep my bar in the wax paper it was originally wrapped in, and that works fine. We do live in Finland, though, so it’s not like we ever have to worry about anything melting from the heat, even at the height of summer. I started off applying this directly to my face, but found that I get more even (and less greasy) results from rubbing it between my palms until enough melts off, then smoothing it onto the face. There’s usually enough to get my neck as well and any leftovers are good for my much-abused and constantly-washed hands anyway, so I don’t feel like any is going to waste. I do sometimes wonder how hygienic leaving it open to the air like that could be, and there have been a few close calls where I have almost dropped it and would have had trouble figuring out how to wash/wipe it off (I mean, really, wash a bar of butter?) if I had. Perhaps some sort option for an applicator mechanism wouldn’t be bad.

Would I buy this again? Sure. It’s only £8.50 a bar and has lasted me going on two months now, though I’ve not been using it on a daily basis. Would still be decently priced if I did use it daily (like I should). Serums in general are usually the priciest things on the shelves, and this isn’t even in the ballpark with some of the other things I’ve been using. I have a few other jars of stuff to finish off after this bar is done, but it’s definitely on my re-order list for when the time comes.

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