Shower upgrades.


Look what I finally installed in our shower last month! I’ve wanted one of these types of dispensers for years, but didn’t want to permanently attach anything to the walls of a rental place. They remind me of spas and hotels and keep everything so clutter-free. Added bonus? I’ve been using facial masks in the shower lately, so having buttons to press is immensely convenient, because I can access shampoo and conditioner without having to fumble around in the rack for specific bottles which I can’t see properly since I don’t want to open my eyes and get stuff running into them. This is also a step towards mixing my own shampoos and soaps at home, since we’re disassociating containers with the products inside, so when I start making substitutions, it won’t be as much of a surprise to certain others in the household that might be a bit set in their ways 😉


Yeah, this is what we were using before. What we’re still using, for the spare bottles, actually. I’m probably going to get a second set of dispensers with an attached rack and place it above the first, to completely eliminate the need for a corner rack jerry-rigged with rope. I think I put that up the first week we moved in, so it’ll be a relief to finally have something that doesn’t quite scream “I live in a dorm”.  😛

Edited 4/6/4015: Now linked in the VK Store!

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