Not so Blondie Brownie


I took a break from my fudge-centric ice cream purchases last week to try another flavor in the Core line, Blondie Brownie. The label read “A Soft Salted Caramel Core Surrounded by Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Chocolate Brownie chunks & Blondie Brownie chunks”, which sounded promising enough. Salted caramel is a close second to fudge in my list of favorite toppings of all time, and it didn’t disappoint in this tub. However, the blondies did. It was kind of weird — on the chocolate side, I dug up plenty of brownie bits (yes, I do fish out the good chunks in my ice cream rather than eating it straight through) but there seemed to be only half to 1/3 as many blondie bits in the vanilla side. And they all seemed to be sunk near the bottom, so it was like normal vanilla ice cream until halfway down. Which meant I churned up the caramel core into a messy mush while digging around for my blondies. Not exactly the all-in-one-spoonful Core experience that is advertised, yo. So yeah, Phish Food still is safely in the lead as my all-time favorite, with Dough-ble Impact a close second. Meanwhile, this flavor would be… oh, I don’t know, it’s nice, but nothing to call home about. Something to blog about, but only to remind myself to try something new instead of repeating this. I wouldn’t kick it out of my freezer if it should show up there, mind you — there are very few ice creams that would ever get that treatment, and certainly nothing Ben & Jerry’s makes would ever qualify for that treatment. But next time I’m at the market, I’ll probably try something else. So it goes.

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