Here’s a USC project from early 2008. The concentration camp pajamas were rentals, but Nazi boy was pretty much pieced together and homemade. Artistic license was taken with historical accuracy for the sake of giving a quickly recognizable visual imprint since it was such a short piece. It does have something of an allegorical feel to it as a result. Given the tiny amounts of time and budget they were working with, I think the result was great. Miss Keva was on set supervising that day, since I was in the middle of another project. This would also be the project where I let her borrow my car and kit, only to have it returned with the gas cap exchanged for a large pink rock. My friends are so weird.

_Ima_ at the Doorpost Film Project site


  1. … But it was a PRETTY rock!

    Hahahaha! I will NEVER be able to live that down, will I? See, what had happened was… I’m easily distracted by shiny things. And, and I was at the gas station and… The pretty rock, it CALLED to me!

    Nevermind, I’m not even gonna TRY to explain anymore.


    This was also the crazy shoot where I had to wake up at the crack of dawn and stand out in the FREEZING COLD all day in the middle of that poison ivy forest, where a crew member got poison ivy in the most delicate of places. And I became totally paranoid, looking up pictures of poisonous plants on my cell phone so I could identify them if I saw any.


    This is also the one where you made me dress up as a Nazi [shudder] for “wardrobe testing purposes,” cause I was supposedly the same size as the 11 year old boy actor.

    [shakes fist of fury]

    I hate you.


    • Just remember… I still have the pictures, and I’m not afraid to use them. So unless you want the intertubes to see just how Fräulein Sassy likes to dress in her spare time, let’s just nod and tell everybody you had a great time… 😉

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