Mango Fruitbomb Smoothie


This smoothie was the result of wanting to make something without additional sweeteners that the hubby would also like, since he’s been kind of eyeing the pitcher when I make these now. And this one tastes like fruit punch!


For the mango, I wash it thoroughly but leave the skin on. There’s lots of nutrients and fiber in the skin, which I’d prefer not to just throw away. Plus it looks like pretty multi-colored confetti in the finished smoothie šŸ™‚ Just make sure you scrub the fruit down thoroughly with a safe fruit wash before using it, then slice around the pit like you would normally and add to the smoothie. A small percentage of people might be allergic to some compounds in mango skin, so do be aware and take appropriate measures to make sure you are not one of them. As with any fruit. Nuff said.


I used pre-flavored yogurt for the example pictured, since it was in the fridge already and fit with my plans pretty well. It is actually called fruitbomb flavor. Combined with the mango, this seriously tasted like fruit punch candy. I later did this again using regular unflavored or vanilla yogurt and a splash of sugar-free orange squash (fruit juice concentrate) and got nearly identical results. It’s almost like a tropical mocktail!

Mango Fruitbomb Smoothie

Serves 3-4
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 2 minutes
Total time 7 minutes
Allergy Milk
Dietary Diabetic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Meal type Beverage, Snack
Misc Child Friendly, Serve Cold
Mango fruitbomb smoothie.


  • 1 large banana (frozen, if you'd like a thicker smoothie)
  • 1 large, ripe mango (without the pit, obviously)
  • 2 cups milk (I use 1.5% lactose-free milk)
  • 1 cup fruit-blend flavored yogurt (you can also use vanilla yogurt with a splash of sugar-free fruit squash)


Remember to check blood sugars to verify safe portion sizes, since everybody has different tolerance levels. This is just what works for me, and even then it's only for daytime snacks. Smoothies never work for me as a breakfast, because my tolerance is especially bad in the early mornings.


Toss all fruit into blender or pourable container (if using an immersible).
Add your liquids (in this case, milk and yogurt).
Blend until nothing solid is left.
Pour a cup and enjoy! Cover and refrigerate any unused smoothie, preferably to be consumed before the end of the day.

Disclaimer: The obvious stuff. I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or medical professional. Just sharing what works for me.

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