2013 Harvest, totals and comparisons.

A gallery of our 2013 harvest, which ended up being mostly fruit since I didn’t get around to tending the vegetable garden enough to get anything out of it. The fruit trees and bushes did quite well on their own, though, which is one of the best reasons to always have them around.

And some number crunching:

2012 season

06/09 – 15L rhubarb (chopped & frozen)
06/17 – 350g spinach (frozen)
06/18 – 145g lettuce & greens (frozen)
06/27 – 340g spinach (frozen)
220g lettuce & greens (frozen)
06/28 – 8 wild strawberries (eaten)
07/01 – 150g oregano leaves (frozen)
10g wild strawberries (frozen)
300g chickweed (frozen)
2 garden strawberries (eaten)
07/02 – 210g chickweed (frozen)
160g spinach (frozen)
07/03 – 400g chickweed (frozen)
150g lettuce & spinach (frozen)
1400g garden strawberries (eaten)
10g wild strawberries (frozen)
07/04 – 540g chickweed (frozen)
60g cilantro (frozen)
07/06 – 2080g garden strawberries (half frozen, half eaten)
30g wild strawberries (eaten)
07/07 – 540g mixed greens [spinach, 2 lettuces, chickweed, purple deadnettle] (frozen)
07/08 – 2000g strawberries (half eaten, half frozen)
07/09 – 40g wild strawberries (frozen)
07/11 – 140g wild strawberries (frozen)
1900g strawberries (frozen)
07/12 – 520g mixed greens [2 lettuces, chickweed, purple deadnettle, sow thistle] (frozen)
07/14 – 380g mixed greens [2 lettuces, chickweed, purple deadnettle, garden dandelion, cilantro] (frozen)
1240g strawberries (frozen)
07/29 – 620g blackcurrants (frozen)
1360g strawberries (eaten)
07/30 – 660g blackcurrants (frozen)
07/31 – 700g squash and cucumber (eaten)
1460g blackcurrants (frozen)
08/01 – 20g asparagus (eaten)
60g raspberries (frozen)
80g redcurrants (frozen)
100g wild strawberry (frozen)
08/02 – 400g bilberries (frozen)
08/03 – 560g bilberries (frozen)
50g hedgehog mushrooms
50g slippery jack mushrooms
08/07 – 490g raspberries (frozen)
410g 8-ball squash (frozen)
08/13 – 780g blackcurrants (frozen)
08/14 – 560g raspberries (frozen)
08/15 – 440g raspberries (frozen)
08/22 – 2110g gooseberries (frozen)
08/23 – 150g mixed raspberries (frozen)
08/31 2730g + 3660g + 2620g + 3840g + 4900g light green apples
09/01 6.4kg light green apples
09/02 6.4kg + 4.4kg + 6.1kg + 8.1kg + 5.7kg + 7.4kg + 5.4kg light green apples
09/03 5.2kg + 6.1kg + 7.9kg + 3.5kg light green apples
09/10 – 300g slippery jack mushrooms Suillus luteus
460g assorted colored carrots Daucus carota
09/11 – 1280g assorted colored carrots
09/12 – 700g red carrots
3940g baby potatoes Solanum tuberosum
09/13 – 3740g baby potatoes (not sure of the cultivar – little yellow Finnish ones)
09/19 – 920g pears Pyrus communis (seems like one of the Bartlett varieties)

133075g = 133.075kg = 293.38lb of harvested crops for 2012 season


2013 season

7/22 – 540g redcurrants
8/5 – 340g raspberries
8/7 – 1420g blackcurrants
2560g green apples
2440g green apples
2420g green apples
1560g green apples
8/8 – 1200g gooseberries
2960g gooseberries
2420g crabapples
8/29 – 2460g pears
2220g pears
1540g pears
2180g green apples
1340g green apples
8/31 – 2200g grapes
380g grapes
9/2 – 1700g grapes
1200g grapes

36080g = 36.080kg = 79.5lb of harvested crops for 2013 season

Based on my totals, I probably will want to be replacing some of the currant bushes soon since it seems that their production is waning even with pruning, though that definitely seemed to help the redcurrants by a bit. The apples didn’t do well last year because of a cold snap during flowering, but the grapes more than made up for it with a pretty substantial crop. The pear trees are definitely starting to come into their own, as well!

I’m curious to see what this year’s mild spring will result in, since everything is greening up much earlier than normal. Hopefully that will mean a nice, long growing season. I’m still hoping for a bit of gardening time after the baby arrives, but even if I end up not touching the veggie garden again this year, it’s nice to know that there will still be a nice, big crop of fruit waiting for us in the fall.

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