Our Cat Castle

Or, what we fondly refer to as one of the best furniture investments we ever made. Also, the first piece of large furniture we bought upon moving into this house. Priorities, priorities. I ordered it from Zooplus after doing quite a bit of research, both online and off. Our main requirements were that it had to be multi-storied and able to withstand a plus-sized cat making *cough* heavy use of it. Yes, sadly, shopping with Misu in mind means that I always have to go straight to the “jumbo” section of the pet store. This beauty fit the bill and wasn’t that hard on the pocketbook, either. Though the postman looked a bit aggrieved when he delivered the multiple large boxes it came in…

As you can see, Misu has pretty much claimed the bottom half and uses both nest boxes equally. Coco uses the three top shelves, the one closest to our gaming couch being her favorite. Occasionally, they swat at each other from their respective levels, being too lazy to move but wanting to play “annoy thy neighbor” from a comfortable perch. Usually, this happens when Coco’s tail is dangling down or Misu’s head is within poking distance. It’s quite entertaining for everybody involved.


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