Mystery Meat: Not only Spam comes in a can.


This is quite possibly one of the tastiest things that can come out of a can. One of the spendier items as well, true, but it was on the shelf and I couldn’t pass it by. I figured I could blame it on cravings. Served here with a simple side of steamed broccoli. Typically, there’d be a starch too but I wasn’t in the mood for it at the time.


Just look at all that fat. If that doesn’t give it away, I don’t know what else will. It’s liquid gold, that fat. I have it sitting in the freezer now, to use for other recipes. Using it in place of plain canola oil or butter adds so much flavor and personality to everything it touches. It really is a shame this meat isn’t sold that much up north, because it’s one of my favorites.


Yep, duck confit! Two lovely roasted duck legs, preserved in their own fats and juices. I made my way through one leg for dinner and saved the other for the next day. Duck meat, cheese and avocado burritos are AMAZING, let me just say. It’s probably a good thing that this isn’t always in stock, because it could easily become a very expensive habit.

And yes, do a quick Google search on “what to do with duck fat”, if you’re really wondering. It’s a beautiful, versatile and healthy fat. I will remember to post when I get around to using it in a recipe.


  1. Hello Angelo,
    Next time, serve the confit de canard with sliced potaoes fried in the duck fat, with lots of added parsley and tons of garlic… Heaven!

    • If I was serving this for guests, I would definitely go for the classic presentation. In that particular case, though, I was just craving duck like crazy and opted for the fastest way to get it on my plate and ready to eat šŸ˜‰

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