Sila Nerangalil – Cellphonai

Reposting this because the original post in my old journal was locked and got corrupted in the transfer. This is a YouTube stream of a Bollywood-style music video I wardrobed on a couple years ago. Forget safety pins when you’re working with very active barefooted dancers — these girls had to be sewn into their costumes just like back in the day. A bit hectic and stressful, but that’s par for the course. The shiny prettiness definitely helped make it up 🙂 And as for the subject matter? Well, what dude’s dream doesn’t involve saving a factory full of beautiful female workers and making them into veil-clad belly-dancing vixens who like to shimmy around him? *cough*


  1. … There’s an argument for getting into wardrobe that I hadn’t considered. Getting PAID to play with fancy fabrics.

    • LOL, it’s definitely one of the main reasons! And sometimes you really need good reasons, considering the “paid” part is highly unstable and variable :-I

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