Crocheted Blankets

Last of my old yarnish projects from the old VKFashion site. Links to project pages and patterns as applicable, below the pictures. I do love blankets, but they take so long to make! Heavy king-sized 3-stitch blanket done in a thick wool blend. Finally brought it back to Finland with us on our last trip home. Perfect for freezing winter nights. Thermal stitch preemie afghan, a commission from a friend.

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5 Items in 9 Months -or- How I Almost Totally Avoided Buying Maternity Clothing

I like clothes. I like shopping for clothes. Heck, you don’t end up in my line of work otherwise. What I don’t like, however, is shopping for clothes that will be used so often due to lack of options over a short, intense period(s) of time that I will hate the very sight of them, only to have that followed by their gathering dust in the back of my closet for the rest of their lives because their single purpose for existing is done. That problem, combined with Rauma’s relative sparsity (read: NONE) of maternity boutiques, led me to find other options …

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Crocheted Mittens and Socks

Third in the series of old yarnish projects I had up gallery-style on the old VKFashion site. Links to project pages and patterns as applicable, below the pictures. Crocheted “glittens” (fingerless gloves that convert into mittens). Matched a kitty cat hat, for a friend. I do find this ideal ridiculously useful and am going to make a pair for myself by next winter. Elbow-length fingerless gloves, so everything stays warm even when you need your fingers free for detailed work. Ribbon trim at top can be tightened as needed. Rainbow socks, for a friend who requested socks before I had learned …

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Crocheted hats of days past.

Second in the series of old projects I had up gallery-style on the old VKFashion site. Links to project pages and patterns as applicable, below the pictures. Light blue Fraggle hat for a friend. Also made a scarf to go with it, as you see. Rose-colored Kitty Cat Hat for a friend. Had matching glittens. Comfy purple Homespun Hat for a bestie. Had a matching scarf. A Maroon Cloche that traveled to Canada. And a purple Ribbon Cloche for another friend. Had a matching scarf.

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Crocheted scarves, a retrospective.

Most people learn to crochet from their mother or grandmother. I was taught by a friendly midwestern girl on the set of the godawful 2001 comedy “Bubble Boy“, during a week-long wedding sequence. Yeah, we had a lot of spare time. The only two memories I really have of that shoot are (1) learning to crochet and (2) being mooned by Jake Gyllenhaal. The crocheting has served me much better in life, overall. I originally had all my old projects up gallery-style on the old VKFashion site, but decided to just keep it simple with tags this time. After all, …

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Seasonal rabbity update.

This gallery contains 37 photos.

I haven’t posted about the rabbits lately, so here is my update. We currently have 6 rabbits in various flavors of angora, all of whom contribute to the big bins of wool I collect every few months for craft-type purposes. I’d been aiming to get some different colored wool to make yarn with, so am very pleased with the variety I have now. Daisy and Basil (the Finnish angora siblings) are a little under 2 years old now. Lily (the teddy dwarf doe) is a little under a year old. Daphne (the black Finnish angora doe), Marshmellow (white dwarf angora …

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Alas, this is not a tag from *my* VK, but a Taiwanese (or Japanese?) brand. They do make cute stuff though, including a long asymmetrical jersey halter that I absolutely had to have. Someday though, I too shall have cute logo danglies… 🙂

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Yarn stash!

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Hey look, it’s Sunday again! That means I should be updating this blog 🙂 With spring right around the corner and a big move coming, I figured it was as good a time as any to inventory and catalog stuff before packing. I’d been doing a haphazard job of keeping track of my yarn stash on Ravelry already, so today that was cleaned and updated to more accurately reflect what’s going on in that big box of fluffy cat-bait. Luckily, my yarn collection has not had time to grow very much here in Finland. I’d only brought over a small …

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Gallery of a costume change wedding.

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So a little less than a year ago, I posted some early pictures of dress choices for our wedding. Of course, I knew at the time that there would be more than one (or even two) dresses, since Asian weddings just don’t work that way. Combine that with my wardrobe mistress background and the help of several lovely attendants, and you have a costume change wedding. Selected photos from the event and some dress pictures, mostly because people have asked. I’m still in the process of putting up the official gallery website with all the guest photos, so hopefully this …

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