Berry season!

Apologies for the silence this last month — have been in the midst of wedding planning madness. I took a brief pause yesterday afternoon, however, to wander the forests with a friend and take advantage of the bounteous harvest this year’s warm, wet summer has brought. My first batch of hand-picked wild Finnish bilberries! They were exceptionally plump and less than a ten minute walk from our apartment! Will definitely be going back in the coming weeks to get more for immediate baking and freezer storage. I’ve always been an opportunistic forager so finding a place to do it so …

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Automotive reminiscing.

By the time this posts, I will have my new Finnish driver’s license. Apparently, that will be valid until I turn 70, so no more lines at the DMV for me! 😀 I have to give them my CA DL, but that is due to expire next year anyway, so no real loss. Might just go get a new one next time I’m back in town, so that I have both options open. Did you know that teenagers getting their licenses here have to go through a series of classes and tests that end up costing $1K-$2K? Makes the few …

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Random Finland pictures

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It will have been one full year since we moved to Finland this May! However, I will be away on a business trip when that anniversary date comes, so I’m posting and scheduling a bunch of stuff early to make up for it. Here is a random hodgepodge of pictures I took while wandering around our little corner of the country in June and July of last year. Yes, this is mostly for you, Mom and Dad 🙂

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First snowstorm!

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We had our first few days of real snow last week! Considering you can count the number of times I’ve seen snow in my life on two hands (in southern California, snow wasn’t weather so much as a destination — you had to drive a ways to get to it), it was pretty exciting. It all melted away yesterday, though, because the temperatures warmed up and now all we have is boring ol’ rain again. It should be cold enough by next month that it’ll come down and stay there, though. I’m really excited to have my first white Christmas! …

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We must get forty potatoes!

I am currently planning the menu for Thanksgiving dinner. All the usual suspects, using the most classic recipes I can find. No, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Finland — I just decided to throw a large dinner party in the style of a proper Thanksgiving feast because I thought it’d be fun to share some of our traditional holiday dishes with the family. It’s only fair, since they’ll be feeding us copiously for the rest of the holiday season. So yes, back to that title. I still giggle a little when I think about the conversation Cim and I had …

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So this is what seasons look like!

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We have a row of maples right outside of our kitchen window, which is where I took these photos, and it’s been fun to watch them vary with the seasons. I think I might start taking a photo each day beginning in January and do a time lapse of them, since they change so much. Back in Cali we had a few deciduous trees here and there, but it was evergreens and palms for the most part and those don’t really put on a show the way these trees do. The birches are still taking their sweet time, the nights …

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