The post where I talk about vaccinations.

No, this is totally not one of those posts where I weigh the pros and cons of childhood vaccinations. Because really, if you don’t know by now, I’m very squarely in the “yay, science and medicine!” camp. No question about it. Rather, this is the post where I share what I’ve learned about the differences in vaccination schedules between what my kids will be getting in Finland versus what they would have gotten if they were born in the US. Also, how that differs from what I got as a kid born in Taiwan. And then I show you guys …

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For waxjism and teaandmisanthropy, who have a hedgehog thing. I saw the hedgie again in late June, just ambling through the freshly mown lawn in broad daylight like he owned the place. Don’t know if it was the same one as last year, but he seems pretty comfortable and we’re glad to have them around 🙂

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Fun Finnish Foods, a pictorial.

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Apologies to anybody who was having issues with using the comments system these past few days — there was a glitch involving a naughty plug-in that I just got around to figuring out last night. Everything should work just fine now. Yeah, I take pictures of random food-related things when the mood strikes me. These are pretty obviously for the peeps back in the States, since I’m sure this stuff looks pretty unremarkable to anybody on this side of the Atlantic.  

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We have a hedgehog! The previous owner had mentioned there was one about, but this is my first sighting. He is big and round and waddles in the cutest way 😀 I spotted him at dusk-ish (as much dusk as you can get out of a Finnish summer, anyway) rooting around under the apple tree. The fallen fruit and bugs there probably make an awesome buffet. I hope we end up with a whole family! <3 hedgehogs.

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Mmmm is for mämmi.

This is mämmi. It’s traditionally served in Finland and Sweden during the Easter holiday, hence why I’m posting about it now. We had some this past weekend along with dessert – a big dollop served with cream and sugar. It isn’t the most attractive-looking holiday dish on its own, no. Taste-wise, it’s balanced between bittersweet and nutty — pretty much what you’d expect of a paste made from rye flour and malt. Mämmi also happens to be one of those regional dishes that locals like to make you try in the hopes that you’ll make a funny face. Which doesn’t …

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Birdfeeder = Catsitter.

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The husband (!!!) got me a new camera for my birthday, so I’ve been testing all the settings on random stuff around the house lately. One of these subjects happened to be the birdfeeder on our balcony, which I put out a few weeks ago for this year’s fall/winter feeding season. The birdfeeder only gets put out after all the plants growing on the balcony are pretty much dead, so that frequent diners won’t start helping themselves to a side of green salad along with their birdseed. My motivation for feeding our avian neighbors is far from selfless — the …

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