Random London Pictures!

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Yep, this would be the post where I put up completely random photos of stuff I’ve seen around town. I did the double decker bus tour last time around and took pictures of all the typical monuments, so those are NOT here. If, for some strange reason (hi, mom and dad!) you want to see those old touristy photos, I suggest you head over to my Facebook photo albums. Otherwise, brace yourselves for nonsensical picspam!

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International Costumer of Mystery

Hmm. I’ve decided to change the name of my film projects category from “Hollywooded” to “Last Looks”, in recognition of the fact that I am no longer confined to one city for my costuming ventures. Whee! (And no, we didn’t have that many costumes for this particular film, thankfully. It’s rare that an entire project’s worth can fit on one rail, so I had to take a picture to chronicle it.) The comfy little studio we shot at earlier this week. The notes for this post say that I’m supposed to talk here about the fashiony-costumey stuff that I’ve been …

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Weekend in Stockholm

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So we spent this past weekend in Stockholm (only a 40-minute plane ride, though the transport to and from the airports add us as well) and are just now recovering from it. On the up side, though, my deep love for non-LA public transportation remains intact. Gads, I wish I’d grown up somewhere with a decent subway system. Mental note — slipping and slogging your way through winter streets in a large city is much harder than it looks, especially when you’re wearing several pounds of bulky winter clothing o.O It was still fun and very pretty, though! We stayed with …

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The Amazing Flying Pigmonkeys.

(aka How We Traveled Internationally with 2 Cats) I guess I should first explain that title. As many of you probably know, kittens spend a large portion of their time airborne — jumping from place to place, hopping on moving objects, climbing on things, falling off those same things, generally bouncing around like the crack-addled balls of relentless energy they are. Our older cat, Misu, has never been a slim feline. She was round from a very early age and has only grown rounder since. Ate like it was going out of style, climbed all over the furniture and walls, …

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Travel responsibly.

Am packing up to go back to the States. Remembered a funny little moment on the plane when we were coming out here — I was trying to get the significant other to stop fidgeting and poking at me after being in the same seat for hours on end. So I pull out my DS Lite, loaded with a copy of GTA: Chinatown Wars and wave it in front of him like a lollipop. Across the aisle, I see two harassed-looking parents searching in their carry-on, then they also pulling out a DS kit and give it to their bouncing …

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Debrief of sorts.

So due to the vagaries of baggage transport, my luggage took an extended vacation last week. Even though T and I arrived home late Sunday the 5th, my last bag did not deem it necessary to join me until Friday the 10th. Which was very inconvenient, since it was carrying my spare medications, toiletries and most of my underwear drawer. Sigh. Isn’t that always how it works? Our flight from Turku to Copenhagen was on this tiny turboprop commuter plane which really kind of terrified me (and I’ve been flying on planes nearly since I was born) because the walls …

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Day 5.

Ah, the buttcrack of dawn. Something I only tend to see when traveling, because they only thing that can get me out of bed that early is a plane departing the country. I must apologize to megolas for the racket I made packing and lugging my bags around before I left. She was a most gracious hostess and I will miss her most-entertaining company greatly. An hour on the bus and another hour on the Underground took me back to Heathrow. Passing through security and various checkpoints with no hitches and hours to spare, I grabbed breakfast at that Irish …

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