Furry little toes.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Misu video, and that’s really the only reason I even set up a YouTube account! Better remedy that right now…

Misu. And toes. And her ever-failing quest to get everything clean. Because when you’re that fluffy, there is never an end to the washing.

And to be fair, Coco’s toes are pretty cute, too:



Our Cat Castle

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Or, what we fondly refer to as one of the best furniture investments we ever made. Also, the first piece of large furniture we bought upon moving into this house. Priorities, priorities. I ordered it from Zooplus after doing quite a bit of research, both online and off. Our main requirements were that it had to be multi-storied and able to withstand a plus-sized cat making *cough* heavy use of it. Yes, sadly, shopping with Misu in mind means that I always have to go straight to the “jumbo” section of the pet store. This beauty fit the bill and …

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Furry potatoes of the couch.

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We own a computer couch. It’s a three-seater fluffy maroon thing with reclining seats and we’re quite pleased with it. We got the idea from our friends in Turku, who just gave up on computer chairs and pushed their entire couch up to their computers for more convenient lounging. It’s ridiculously comfortable. The cats think so, too, though there is only one empty seat in the middle between us so they have to compete for who gets to sprawl there every night. Usually Misu wins due to sheer bulk, and Coco ends up perched on the back cushion of the …

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Return of Caturday.

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Our Siamese calico Coco doesn’t get as much blog exposure as Misu does. This is mostly because she has more self-respect and is less likely to be found in compromising positions. Still, she is a pretty little thing and deserves attention. Here she is lounging on the cat tree when it was still brand new (August 2012 or thereabouts).

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And on Saturday, there were cats.

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The past week has been sunny and gorgeous, so the cats have been glued to the windows every morning watching and listening to the wildlife outside. I don’t usually manage to get pictures of them together, so ran for my camera when I saw them doing this one morning. Please note the matching cat-shaped dents on the back of this particular armchair. That is because they also like to lounge there in the evenings, to the point where they have shaped the stuffing to conform to their indolent furry butts. Yeah, we’ve given up on rescuing that particular piece of …

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Seasonal rabbity update.

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I haven’t posted about the rabbits lately, so here is my update. We currently have 6 rabbits in various flavors of angora, all of whom contribute to the big bins of wool I collect every few months for craft-type purposes. I’d been aiming to get some different colored wool to make yarn with, so am very pleased with the variety I have now. Daisy and Basil (the Finnish angora siblings) are a little under 2 years old now. Lily (the teddy dwarf doe) is a little under a year old. Daphne (the black Finnish angora doe), Marshmellow (white dwarf angora …

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I accidentally rabbited yesterday. Well, after seeing this face, how could anybody resist? Introducing Lily (Kanilandia’s “Gimmel”), because apparently all our bunnies are getting garden names. She’s a teddy dwarf, which is a sort of dwarf angora breed (separate from the lionhead) that’s become rather popular down towards Germany. They’re practically non-existent in Finland at the moment. However, I have a feeling there will be more than one of these on our farm, at least. She’s super friendly and calm, so will probably be clocking more indoor time than the bigger bunnies. The cats seem very confused as to what …

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