Wild, wild west.

Early last week, an old friend and I were taking the little guy to Pan Pacific Park’s huge playground sets for a quick romp when we noticed this little drama unfolding in a tree close to us. Yeah, you might have to squint a little, they’re both well-camouflaged. It’s like those trips to the zoo where you spend 20 minutes at each exhibit trying to find the lizard in the foliage. See them now? Little grey squirrel at the bottom left. Hungry falcon (hawk?) at the upper right. I can’t tell what species he is, since ornithology was never my …

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Gratuitous bunny posting.

I think the general world population agrees bunny rabbits are cute. Haven’t had time these past few days to put together a proper post, so thought I’d share a gratuitous bunny video. Because I haven’t done that before, strangely enough, and bunnies are really fun to watch when they’re in a good mood 🙂 We’ve got a small herd of them, so there’s bound to be somebody feeling perky at any point in the day when I might get out my camera. So pull up a chair and check out this 30-second helping of cuteness as our teddy dwarf Lily (not a lionhead, mind you) frolicks in her pen on a breezy late summer day.

Frank, my deer.

We seem to be on a roll with all things wild and Finnish, so here’s a little video of something else that I found in our garden in early September last year. It was very early in the morning and I had been forced out of bed to make a bottle for a fussy toddler, so I was a bit surprised to look out the window and see a large animal strolling through the berry bushes. Pleasantly surprised, though. This young male European red deer, who I promptly named Frank in my head, just seemed so mellow as he poked around amongst the ripe fruit that I had to stop and watch him for a bit. This is the only time that I’ve seen him, though I have noticed deer marks through the snow in the winter, so I suspect this wasn’t the first time he and his presumed relatives have been around. None of them have ever harmed my vegetables and trees, so they remain welcome visitors to clean up any fruit that I can’t get around to harvesting in time.

Bunny Tractors

After posting about moving Daphne’s pen around as a makeshift lawnmower, I had a few people ask what our outdoor setup is like. So here are a couple pictures of my bunny tractors in a typical configuration. The oldest pens are two Trixie Natura pet runs with matching nest boxes, which I bought for the first two large Finnish angoras, Daisy and Basil. All the bunnies are kept separately except for breeding couples on honeymoon (which is rather seldom). These pens are generously sized but a bit cumbersome to move around by myself, which I have to do every other …

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The more things change…

December 2007. T and I were watching TV as our new kitten Misu scampered around our feet, doing all the things that silly young things do. At one point, she was out of our field of vision and we heard frantic thumping, followed by a resigned whine. After a minute, I went over to investigate and found this sorry sight. The look on her face was one of, “Sigh. Life is hard.” Being the loving parent I am, I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped a photo before freeing her. This photo remains on my phone to this day because …

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Daphne, the furry weed whacker.

Every summer, the weeds start to overtake the paving stones that form a path down the side of our house between the outer wall and a row of hostas. Here, you see how far gone it has gotten as of last week, with still a couple of months worth of growing season to go. Then it occurred to me that we have a very eco-friendly, low-effort/high-reward solution. Her name is Daphne. Not only do my angoras provide substantial wool harvests, they are also voracious lawnmowers. Over the course of last week, I advanced her down the path, starting from the …

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Tribbles in Love

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As many of you know, I keep angora rabbits. I also have a couple of teddy dwarves, a breed that seems to be mostly confined to Northern Europe, as far as I can tell. They seem to be mostly derived from particularly wooly doublemaned lionheads, but I’m pretty sure there’s something else in there. Anyway, they are recognized in some countries as a legitimate type and we have a couple. Snickers is our harlequin colored male and Lily is our fawnish colored female. While they do fall under the category of long-haired wool animal, they are so tiny that they …

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Cat Burritos and Misu on Drugs

This has been sitting in my drafts for almost a year now, but I’ve been meaning to share it because I’ve had a few other friends dealing with sick cats lately. You can try to explain cat burritos with hand gestures, but sometimes pictures do it best 🙂 Misu occasionally gets urine infections and needs antibiotics, which is always an ordeal because you have to wrestle her down to give her the pill. She’s a pretty hefty and strong cat, so it requires a bit of premeditation. The first time she got sick since we moved here, we just had …

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Interview With the Sauce Vampire

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Coco, our younger cat, is affectionately referred to hereabouts as the sauce vampire. It happens almost every time the wet food gets set out in the mornings. She comes racing up to the bowl and then proceeds to suck down every little drop of sauce or gel that she can reach. Then she saunters off disinterestedly, leaving the solid bits to dry out or meet whatever other fate waits for drool-covered leftovers. …which is usually when Misu comes strolling by and notices “hey, food!” I am pretty sure she has no idea that the stuff usually comes out of the package …

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