Sarong Recycling, Take Three.

One hour project for a weekday morning! And really, most of that work time was just devoted to ironing the thing out and measuring it. I decided I needed more skirts, so that’s what this second elephant sarong became. As simple as cutting it in half length-wise and adding elastic to the waist. Well, the bottom hemming did get a bit tricky. One half of the skirt used the natural hem, but I had to fiddle with the other half because it was cut in mid-pattern and thus the hem looked messy and incomplete. So I covered it up with …

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Sarong Mixed Media Dress, Take Two.

A couple years ago, I threw together a couple items in my closet to make a purple sarong minidress. It was promptly borrowed by a purple-loving friend and has since gotten misplaced somewhere during the big move. Besides being fun and colorful, it was also a very comfortable and easy-to-wear sundress. The tank top had a built-in bra and the skirt was silky soft from years of washing, so you could really just throw it on and be out the door in seconds. I finally dug up my fabric stash and was delighted to find a handful of sarongs at …

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Frankencloset: Purple Sarong Mixed Media Dress

So you know that giant pile of clothes I haven’t worn for more than four years? Yeah, they’ve got something coming to them. The recent t-shirt makeovers just kinda got me to pull out all my equipment and muster up a bit of energy. Yesterday, I started sorting through stuff and matching them together for a few more projects. The result of one is depicted above. Mixed media dresses (pairing a stretchy knit with a woven) have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past year, so why not play with that? Before and after behind the cut.

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