Seasonal rabbity update.

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I haven’t posted about the rabbits lately, so here is my update. We currently have 6 rabbits in various flavors of angora, all of whom contribute to the big bins of wool I collect every few months for craft-type purposes. I’d been aiming to get some different colored wool to make yarn with, so am very pleased with the variety I have now. Daisy and Basil (the Finnish angora siblings) are a little under 2 years old now. Lily (the teddy dwarf doe) is a little under a year old. Daphne (the black Finnish angora doe), Marshmellow (white dwarf angora …

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Muskox. I wants.

Today, I’d like to share with you a small fantasy of mine. It involves going to Alaska and smuggling home a muskox. See how fluffy and cute they are? Aren’t their noses just adorable? Who wouldn’t love that face? Besides being cuddly and decorative, muskoxen produce a highly valuable wool fiber called qiviut. Much like the muskox it came from, qiviut is ridiculously soft, warm, and durable. Since the Inuit collectives who farm these creatures probably would not take kindly to my trying to kidnap one of their four-legged income sources, I will probably have to settle for merely obtaining …

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Alpaca: Cousin of the camel, alpaca fleece is spun into a soft shiny yarn. Often combined with other fibers, alpaca is commonly used in sweaters, coats, and wraps. Similar to mohair. Alpacas themselves are social creatures with charming little faces, if one likes ungulates. — _A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style_ Bwah! I just about sputtered tea when I read that last line. Most of you know about my strange fascination with llamas and their relatives. I would’ve bought the book anyways, but this entry just clinched it. It’s all about the camelids, man. 😉 :sad that her Llama!Cuzco …

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