You’ve died of dysentery!

I’ve changed the tagline of this blog in acknowledgement of the fact that I have been drawn away from WoW in recent times. Doesn’t mean I’ve given up entirely on it — in fact, I fully intend to start leveling a holy priest to the cap this week. I promised I would, so should at least make the effort. But in the meantime, I’ve been drawn into a couple of browser-based self-limiting games that are mindless fun and also run out of time often enough that I can effectively do my errands and chores in between playing. One of these …

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The Guild — Do You Want to Date My Avatar

You’ve probably seen The Guild, a wildly popular web series about a group of MMORPG players that play a game similar to WoW. If you haven’t and you play any sort of game in the genre, you really should. They started doing little music videos as bonus features in the past year, probably as a result of their getting more budget and having better equipment/sets/costumes/crew/etc. The writing has always been hilarious, though, and the lyrics for this video are no exception.


I like Gaga. She makes sparkly, bouncy music and knows the value of elaborate and sometimes garish costumes. I also like WoW. It is sparkly and bouncy in its own special way, and the whole point of the game is to play through content so you can wear increasingly elaborate and garish costumes. This music video parody is the mating of two of  my favorite things into one wacky video of awesome. I dare you not to end up humming this all day after watching it.

Dwarf hunters.

A link for Hausen, who likes comics: Flintlocke’s Guide to Azeroth Long, silly, and makes the character in Twilight Highlands make a LOT more sense 🙂 3/23/2014: Since Gamespy has met its demise since this was originally posted, a kind netizen stepped in and backed up the entire series for download here.

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A new addition.

So after years of prodding, my good friend Sassy has started playing WoW again! She had a trial account that previously expired, but hopefully it’ll stick this time around. We started her off as a paladin, figuring it was the most versatile and durable for a beginner. And because we’ll hopefully be able to train her as a raid healer as time goes by 😉 Took her for a tour through Eastern Kingdoms on my flying rocket this morning and managed to ding her from just exploration and picking up flight points. Will try to get through most of Kalimdor …

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Just in time for Halloween…

Had a rather interesting bug this weekend… …in which my nelf druid’s skin got mapped to my human mage’s body. And, erm, it’s not very pretty. However, I’m sure my nelf will be delighted to know that they apparently wear the same size robe, despite a huge height difference. What’s a bit of wardrobe swapping amongst friends?

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Disenchant this.

The boy pointed me to this page after having to listen to my repeated whining over the chore of disenchanting his multiple pages of craftycrap every few days. Because really, there’s nothing more tedious than toiling over a hot mailbox for upwards of half an hour, waving your hands repeatedly like some spastic jazz dancer for all to see. And not even getting to keep the spoils! It’s a good thing I like him. (And that he bought my epic flight training, but that’s another thing entirely…) Anyway, this page here from elitist-jerks has some cool macros near the bottom …

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