Sila Nerangalil – Cellphonai

Reposting this because the original post in my old journal was locked and got corrupted in the transfer. This is a YouTube stream of a Bollywood-style music video I wardrobed on a couple years ago. Forget safety pins when you’re working with very active barefooted dancers — these girls had to be sewn into their costumes just like back in the day. A bit hectic and stressful, but that’s par for the course. The shiny prettiness definitely helped make it up 🙂 And as for the subject matter? Well, what dude’s dream doesn’t involve saving a factory full of beautiful female workers and making them into veil-clad belly-dancing vixens who like to shimmy around him? *cough*

I can haz credits!

Yay, I’m legit! I’ve been doing the costume designing/wardrobe mistress thing for a few years now, but between all the student films and under-financed independents, it wasn’t until recently that one of my projects actually got distributed so I could get it onto my IMDb profile. Not a huge feature credit or anything, but it’s still something of a first and therefore a milestone in my rather choppy creative career. So here it is:

IMDb says I’m a costume designer! Whee!

Also, Abby? Keva? I’ve submitted your information to IMDb and you should have profiles in the upcoming weeks. Grats! It was a busy shoot and I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you so much for your time and energy.

The films that we worked on are available online through the Global Short Film NetworkThe Haircut is available in free streaming form but the other two, Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator and Not Evelyn Cho, cost a couple bucks to download. Evelyn Cho was the one with the most changes, costume work and prettiness, so this is me pimping it *g*

Now comes the really tough part — to try and wrestle a complimentary DVD from the producers… 😉

Top Ten: Hard Core Costuming Moments.

I’ve been cleaning up my portfolio and putting together a nice website lately, and coming across some of these photos put a smile on my face. There’s nothing quite like independent filmmaking to bring out both your creative side and your survival instincts. Sometimes simultaneously. Top Ten Hard Core Costuming Moments, behind the cut, with random shoutouts to Rockin’ Raquel and Daniela The Dinosaur. Good times, guys 🙂

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the alternate universe in which i sometimes live.

So… when you’re walking back to your car after a long day’s work? Well, if you happen to be on a Hollywood backlot, your trailer happens to be next to two heavily-guarded giant double-decker tour buses, and the little dude with the big nose wearing funny pants that you just walked past happens to look like Tom Cruise, chances are that he actually IS Tom Cruise. Mental note for the future. Because the girl I was walking with had to literally jab me in the arm, hiss “Do you know who that was?!” and do a quick sketch in the …

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Today shall be spent on a shopping spree of epic proportions, since I have to outfit three films by… oh, say, TONIGHT. Because producers seem to think we have money coming out of our ears and can afford to buy everything *before* we get the budget in our hands. Sigh. It’s like, I love that I’m actually being paid to make and shop for pretty things, but all the joy is sucked out of it when you’re doing it at roadrunner speed with a looming deadline. And people wonder why I end up mail-ordering most of my own clothes. And …

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Hurry up and wait.

Am on the set of my latest film. Which happens to be about a boy who is heartbroken because his boyfriend is cheating on him with… a girl. Gasp! Yeah, I know it’s nothing particularly new these days, but it still caused a giggle when my producer sent me the script. And, y’know, our last location involved a club scene where the boys were dancing in slow motion with moody lighting and glitter falling all over them. Which caused both me and the AD to exclaim “It’s so Velvet Goldmine!” Hee. The location before that was on the beach. Literally, …

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Mental pictures.

Quick, what comes to your mind — visually, fashion-wise, emotionally — when I say these words: Hip-hop. Nine Inch Nails. Post-apocalyptic. Individually and collectively. I’ve already got a few sketches, but I want to verify that I’m not completely off from the rest of the world here 🙂

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Addendum to the last post.

I should also mention that, four years later, I then participated in another USC graduate film wherein I mentioned I’d worked the previous one. This got an awed silence, after which the AD (also a film student) said, “You were on THAT film?!” Apparently, our little project became infamous over the next few years after it was made, at least amongst the film school population, due to what happened during the shoot. I am somehow not surprised. It might have, in fact, been a catalyst to some of the new rules and regulations they had for student film operations at …

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2003.03 through 04 – On the set of JUMP

I mentioned to videl_bishoujo that I’d post some of my old work stories, since I’ve had some pretty wacky things happen since I started on this whole film costumer route. Here’s one of my earliest projects, from 2003, which I wrote up in this journal as it was happening but never put together into a cohesive report. — April 2003. The weather has finally warmed up enough for me to venture outdoors in the afternoons on walks again, and the coolest things I’ve been coming across lately are all the nests full of baby birds that are on just about …

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