Eat Azeroth: Poached Sunscale Salmon

It’s been a while since I did a WoW-related recipe post, hasn’t it? My last one was pretty easy, since it translated directly to what could be found in the supermarket. This one is along the same lines — Poached Sunscale Salmon! Like last time, I’ve taken some license in what sort of species would be considered “Sunscale” salmon hereabouts. I’m going to work with the idea that despite there being many varieties of salmon, they all basically cook up the same and even a fictional species probably would look pretty much like what we have here. That being said, …

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Eat Azeroth: Baked Salmon

Okay, so being the World of Warcraft geek that I am, I got sorta excited when I saw there was a cooking column in the WoW Insider blog that shared real-life versions of game items. Items, like, say, Baked Salmon (skill level 275, uses Raw Whitescale Salmon and Soothing Spices). This glee turned to disappointment, however, when I found that the WI version of it was covered in dairy products (sigh. lactose) and needed wheat germ. Wheat germ WTF? So off I went to Allrecipes and dug up a more appropriate recipe for us — not only is it free of …

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