The Annual Summer Bouquet Post

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Flower photos, because they make me happy. I had a lot more time in the garden this year — the little guy is a more independent now and can be trusted to frolic outside on a longer leash than in previous years. Not enough time to start an actual vegetable patch like I’d planned (it was a horrible summer for that anyway), but just enough to clip bouquets every weekend and keep the house smelling lovely.

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It’ll last longer.

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These are actually pictures of last year’s birthday bouquet, but I didn’t put them up yet so they’re still fair game. It makes me feel better, paging through pictures of bouquets (and their attached memories) during the times when they are lacking. We were on the other side of the planet from home this birthday so things were a bit more subdued. But hey, at least the weather’s still warm here and we got to go trick or treating, so there’s that!

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Rauma’s Church of the Holy Cross (interior photos)

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Well, the title pretty much says it all. A year ago, my Finnish language course took us on a field trip to the local medieval church. A bit of cultural edification for the foreigners, I suppose. It was actually a nice little tour, though keeping up the with guide’s spoken Finnish was still a bit difficult for me at the time. I might just go visit with the little guy and do it again now that my ear has developed some. The fun thing about this tour was that they also took us upstairs to visit the big pipe organ, …

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Pin There, Done That: Flower Ice Blocks

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I’ve seen how-to posts for doing flower ice cubes before, but not too many for doing larger blocks. Probably because the only places these remain viable for any length of time is in the frozen north. Lots of talk of wedding centerpieces and luminaries, mostly. However, on a trip to the garden store a few years ago, I saw that they had done several blocks using what I assume were leftover tulips from their florist counter. The effect was lovely and Finland can easily spend a few months below zero (Celsius) so they will last for longer than any other fresh bouquet …

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Poppy Parade!

A couple years ago, I visited a friend and was amazed at the gorgeous swath of poppies she had along one side of her house. I asked her how she had managed to get so many and she said she had just scattered some random seed there earlier in the spring because she was in a hurry and didn’t want to think about where to put them. That came as a huge surprise, since it can be so difficult to start fancy poppies from seed or even from live plants bought at the garden center. To see dozens of plants …

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July Garden Bouquets

I thought the peony and lilac bouquets from last month were fragrant, but this burnet rose and honeysuckle combination from earlier in the month nearly blew our noses off. Felt like walking into a florists’ fridge when we came in the front door 🙂 Pity that the flowering season for these is so short — I will have to be more indulgent with my cutting next year! A cheery entryway combo for Independence Day weekend: white oxeye daisy, blue dutch iris, and red Maltese Cross. Long-lasting, too! Another entryway bouquet of mixed old-fashioned blooms collected during a morning stroll. Purple Loosestrife, yellow …

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7 Days of Blue/Purple Flowers

I just finished up a 7 day photography challenge over on Facebook — the husband tagged me to do 7 nature pictures and I ended up narrowing it down further for myself by deciding to do only flowers in the blue-purple spectrum that arrived on our property without my aid. I had so much fun finding and identifying them all that I might just extend this indefinitely! It gives me the kick in the butt I need to get outside and get to know all those forgotten corners as well, while the weather is nice. #1 – Spreading Bellflower (Campanula …

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Midsummer Garden Tour

Even though this year’s midsummer was mostly spent inside due to it raining all day, I had a chance to nip out in the morning and snap some pictures for my mid-season garden tour. This was the year that I was FINALLY able to get some major work done in my vegetable garden. Some design ideas are also starting to take shape for the various flower beds around the property, which I spent a few years observing before deciding what was going to stay and go. This was also the year that I started harvesting cut flowers for bouquets, such as …

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Garden Bouquets!

The best part of having a large garden is planting lots of flowers for cutting. Thanks to the mild winter and prolonged spring conditions, the garden has put out more flowers this year than I’ve ever seen. In fact, there are a few that we’ve never seen bloom before — or at least never noticed due to their low performance — the maple tree has tons of little helicopter seed clusters and the honeysuckle is covered in buds that I can’t wait to use for a desktop bouquet. I tend to mark cutting garden season as starting with lilies of …

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May bouquets and this whole mom thing.

Earlier this week, I opened the front door to find a bundle of dandelions on our doorstep, an offering from the two adorable preschool-aged boys that I invited to set up a kids’ allotment garden in our veggie patch. The next day, the little girl next door perkily handed me a bunch of wildflowers when she came over to visit with her mother. These two little posies now have their place right alongside my bunch of Mothers’ Day roses (from the hubby, who is still a kid at heart anyway), making me smile every time I see them. They are simple, …

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