The One Where I Gloss Over Not Posting for Almost a Year. Also, Mushrooms!


Because c’mon, the only people who are really reading this already know that juggling toddlers and various other aspects of adult life are not entirely compatible with keeping a regular writing schedule. But you know what was actually on schedule this year? Mushroom season! Yeah, great segue, I know. I try, I try. Really, though — I’m rather proud because this was the first year I went out to forage mushrooms and actually came back with a basket full of really good-looking ones! These were picked at the beginning of September, so I’m not even too late in posting about them at all 😉 I’m …

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Toddler logic is not Earth logic.


We have apparently entered the compound word phase. Which would be great except that the words are still somewhat questionable at best. For instance, Blob cannot pronounce “ankka” so ducks are now “kakka”. Which can be somewhat confusing, especially when we are trying to tell if he needs a diaper change. But that’s all just setup. So we have cartoons on in the morning while I get dressed. The little guy usually eats then runs around shouting “moo!” and “ihahaa! ” while waving his stuffed cow and horse. Today he noticed the parrot while watching Jake and the Neverland pirates. Him: Moo! …

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Burritos and Boba!

2015-08-27 12.58.48

A tribute to one of my favorite meals when in California, a calorie-laden multi-cultural mishmash that could exist nowhere else: a Rubio’s shrimp burrito and a Lollicup Thai milk tea boba. I highly recommend trying both if you are ever in the Southern California area! (Yes, we were briefly in SoCal last month. Longer post to follow about wackyfuntimes taking a 1 year old across ten time zones. o.O)

Hedgehog Mushroom Omelette

2015-08-12 13.17.31

A couple posts back, I shared a photo of some wild hedgehog mushrooms (Hydnum repandum) I collected in the forest adjacent to our house. We are lucky enough to have some very choice mushroom species grow practically in our backyard — not usually enough for more than a small meal here and there, but it always seems like a treat when most people have to go on special mushroom hunting expeditions to get them. Blob is inordinately fond of mushrooms, we found out this summer, and the hubby is not so much, so it all ends up working out well …

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Bunny Tractors


After posting about moving Daphne’s pen around as a makeshift lawnmower, I had a few people ask what our outdoor setup is like. So here are a couple pictures of my bunny tractors in a typical configuration. The oldest pens are two Trixie Natura pet runs with matching nest boxes, which I bought for the first two large Finnish angoras, Daisy and Basil. All the bunnies are kept separately except for breeding couples on honeymoon (which is rather seldom). These pens are generously sized but a bit cumbersome to move around by myself, which I have to do every other …

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August 2015 Harvest


Thought I’d stick up some photos of our harvest last month. I didn’t bother keeping track of the weights or quantities, but we are getting a fair amount of fruit this year. Berries of all kinds flourished while our apples didn’t do so well. The vegetables were something of a bust, since I was only able to plant them but most bolted or were covered up by weeds before I could reap the results. I was still able to pick more this year overall, with Blob being more mobile and easy to take outside, but probably won’t be able to …

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Field Mouse-ear


The Field Mouse-ear (Cerastium arvense) is an unassuming little flower that I only noticed this year after starting this series of blog posts. Turns out, it’s a chickweed and considered edible (boiled, tastes of spinach, like the rest of the chickweeds) if slightly on the hairy side texture-wise. According to a fascinating profile on MPG North, “astringent juice made from crushed leaves and stems is a mineral-rich tonic and a treatment for painful urination.  A tea of the foliage is analgesic to treat inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs, and to treat uterine bleeding due to miscarriage.  A tea …

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Poppy Parade!

2015-08-12 11.30.03

A couple years ago, I visited a friend and was amazed at the gorgeous swath of poppies she had along one side of her house. I asked her how she had managed to get so many and she said she had just scattered some random seed there earlier in the spring because she was in a hurry and didn’t want to think about where to put them. That came as a huge surprise, since it can be so difficult to start fancy poppies from seed or even from live plants bought at the garden center. To see dozens of plants …

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Meadow Vetchling


Remember how I was bemoaning my inability to grow sweet peas and how I had to be content with its cousins like tufted vetch? Well, a little after those bloomed, these came on the scene! Meadow vetchling (Lathyrus pratensis) could be called a sibling of the garden sweet pea, being from the same genus. You can even see it in the very similar shape of the flowers. It isn’t scented, but the bright yellow color makes it stand out from the rest of its kind. They don’t serve much purpose, other than to look pretty and be used occasionally for animal …

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Hybrid Rugosa Rose ‘F.J. Grootendorst’


Hybrid Rugosa Rose ‘F.J. Grootendorst‘ seems like a huge mouthful of name for such a smallish flower, but there you go. I think this is the first year this shrub rose has even put on a decent display. Like many other plants in the garden, it seems to have benefited from the mild summer. Of all the roses I’ve mentioned so far, this is probably my least favorite. I let it stay where it is mostly because of its unique appearances — you see plenty of other flowers bred to look like roses, but you rarely see roses bred to look …

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